AFSN History

AFSN was founded in 1991 in response to a community need for post-adoption support services. A group of parents and child welfare professionals came together to make sure that adoptive families were getting the services, support and encouragement they needed. The group kept AFSN going as a volunteer organization for five years which was quite an accomplishment, considering they had full-time jobs, families and other commitments! They drafted by-laws, secured 501(c)(3) status, developed and implemented programming, and held social events for families.

Today, AFSN employs three full-time and eight part-time staff members and has an office located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. AFSN’s Board of Directors is made up of adoptive parents, adoptees, community members and child welfare professionals who all have a deep commitment to strengthening adoptive families.

From the beginning, AFSN’s goal has been to serve as a clearinghouse for information useful to adoptive parents, a source of support to families facing adoption issues, and to advocate for families and for change in policy and practices that affect adoptive families.

AFSN is not an adoption placement agency. Rather, AFSN supports and strengthens families once they’ve been formed through adoption. AFSN works closely with area adoption agencies and is represented on the Kent County Interagency Adoption Resource Committee and the Ottawa Area Adoption Council. AFSN holds memberships with the North American Council on Adoptable Children and the Michigan Non-profit Association.

Most important, AFSN maintains ties with adoptive parent support services and professional service providers throughout Michigan in order to refer families to the resources that best fit their needs. AFSN has one of the best resource guides for adoptive families in West MI!

Throughout the years, AFSN has given adoptive families an understanding shoulder to lean on and a chance to get involved with making it just a little bit easier to parent adopted children. AFSN will continue responding to the needs of adoptive families by providing links to the experts and other adoptive families.